Portrait photography in Goldkrist

Photography is something that I’ve always enjoyed doing as a hobby. I’m nowhere near pro level but I appreciate the fact that you can capture precious moments of your life. Portraits are my favorite subject because people are so animated which makes them very interesting. Even the subtlest expressions add character or charm to a person. I mostly just take photos when I’m out with my friendsĀ  or traveling and rarely take photos for the sake of photoshoots so I thought, why not do a portrait session?

I was invited by my friend, Golda, to visit their beautiful resort Goldkrist in Pangasinan so I grabbed that chance to do a photoshoot with her cousin, Deanne. Deanne was such an easy girl to do a photoshoot with, she’s very natural in her facial expressions. I didn’t want it to be like a fashion shoot, rather, I want it to be kind of intimate so I helped in choosing expressive poses.

I’d probably do more of these portrait sessions in the future. It’s a new activity for me. I like that it’s quite challenging. It pushes me to think of different compositions and ultimately it makes me know myself more as it shows my potential and what I am capable of.

Check out the photos. What do you think?



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