Korea the second time around: Seoul and Jeju

I was invited by my close Korean friend, Venus to go to Korea again. Having traveled to Seoul two years ago, I’ve went to most tourist spots already so I wanted to focus more on shopping this time around. We spent 7 days in Seoul and 3 days in Jeju island.

Living my whole life in a tropical country, I wanted to witness cherry blossoms in Spring.  We went there second week of April; however, a few days before our flight, we were notified that it rained which might cause cherry blossoms to prematurely disappear. Luckily, when we arrived, we were still able to see some remaining but they weren’t in full bloom anymore.

Shopping in Seoul is crazy. There are so many places to go shopping. Dongdaemun is popular for their wholesale night market but it’s such an enormous place that it will probably take every night of a whole week before you get to see everything. If you want to save your energy and time, other alternative places for shopping would be in Nowon, Hongdae, Gangnam and Myeongdong but be prepared to splurge a bit more money. Among all of those I’ve mentioned, Nowon would be my recommended place. Although, it’s not a popular place for tourists, you can find almost everything there (clothes, cosmetics, shoes) and their items are almost the same price with Dongdaemun.

Jeju island have really pretty Canola flower fields and their Hallabong orange is delicious. Having more than a hundred tourist spots, it’s definitely worth visiting.

Here are the photos of my trip:


  1. Janelle, I feel sorry that I was not able to tour you around well this time. It was very short time and hope we have another chance to visit there again.


    1. I had a nice time venus. I wouldn’t ask for anything else. thank you for touring me!


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